Switch On and join our Celebration

For our 30th Anniversary, we are organising a one-off Switch On fundraising campaign for 2022 that is specifically targeted towards supporting the launch of our new school programme in September.

Why are we Fundraising?

As a trusted community partner of hundreds of companies and more than 80 schools, we aim to offer enriching and innovative experiences for both students and volunteers for the new school year, both with in person and on-line activities.

Businesses, charities and schools are facing a challenging time emerging from both the economic and social challenges caused by the pandemic. By fundraising with us, you can make a real difference in these difficult times, helping local students thrive, enabling them to create positive and successful futures, and giving back to the local community.

Our Switch On Campaign to raise £20,000

We are suggesting a range of great fundraising activities with differing levels of commitment and challenge, to take on either as an individual or joining together in a team with colleagues. It could be you have an idea to run your own event – our fundraising lead Jane Mortimore, is happy to help.

Ready to get involved and help us reach our target? Please look at our list of Switch On ideas and events for inspiration.