Celebrating Success

What are we doing?

Under the umbrella of our Alumni Programme, we are running an exciting new campaign to celebrate what our students have achieved since leaving education. We are looking for anyone who went to a Tower Hamlets school to share with us their career journeys so that we can inspire the next generation of professionals.

Why are we doing this?

Youth unemployment figures in Tower Hamlets remain the highest across London and the UK despite improved academic achievement and economic growth in the City and Canary Wharf. Teachers also tell us that students aspirations are narrow and many lack awareness of the expectations of employers.

With this campaign we aim to inspire young people to achieve their best by sharing achievements their counterparts have accomplished.

How can I get involved?

If you went to a school in Tower Hamlets and would like to get involved please get in touch using the following form:


We will ask you questions about your career journey and produce a written piece and/or a video. We would share this on our social media and around our community.
Here are some examples of the questions we might ask (but we would have a call to get to know you and identify the most relevant ones):

  • What did you want to do for work when you were younger?
  • Is your current job directly related to your degree?
  • What advice would you give to the young people of TH?
  • What challenges/obstacles have you faced on your career journey?

Inspire the next generation

Ready to get involved?

Inspire the future