What Our Schools Say

For 30 years, our charity has been a champion for change in Tower Hamlets. We raise aspirations through career-related learning and education programmes and create fairer opportunities for local children and young people.

"The establishment of partnerships with local businesses have helped to raise aspirations, support academic progress and to build our pupils social and cultural capital."

Jemima Reilly, Headteacher, Morpeth School
Programmes run at Morpeth School include Head to Head, Getting Ahead, Aim2Attain, Business Mentoring, Work Experience and the Alumni Network.

"The children benefit greatly... They get to meet and talk with professionals who grow to develop a relationship with the pupils and take a real interest in their learning. The sessions are really well organised and supported. As a head teacher, it is reassuring to know that the important aspects of hosting volunteers and running schemes have been taken care of by professionals with experience and expertise."

Maria Lewington, Headteacher, John Scurr Primary School
Programmes run at John Scurr Primary School include Reading Partners and Number Partners

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