connectED: Webinars and Videos

connectED is The Switch’s virtual offer to schools in TH during the school closures 2020-21, featuring webinars and videos to support young peoples’ understanding of the world of work while enhancing their employability and core skills. Supported by business volunteers, each video provides an insight into the world of work and encounters with a range of employers.

Below you can find resources for primary and secondary education, including: Super Speakers, Inspirational Speakers and ‘Day in the Life’ videos.

Super Speakers

Super Speakers is a series of talks for upper key stage 2 children. They cover relevant and engaging topics about working life, to increase their understanding on how the skills they’re learning now will benefit them in the future. Supports Gatsby benchmarks: 2, 4 & 5.

Inspirational Speakers

Inspirational Speakers is a series of webinars for secondary and sixth form students. They cover relevant and engaging topics that focus on developing skills that they can benefit from now, as well as how they can be utilised during employment. As the webinars are supported by business volunteers, students can hear direct advice and insight into a range of sectors. Supports Gatsby benchmarks: 2 & 5.

Day in the Life

Bite-size videos that aim to broaden young peoples’ understanding of the world of work and help stimulate their thoughts about future career routes. Supports Gatsby benchmarks: 2, 5 & 6.

Seperated into ‘Primary’ and ‘Secondary’ as a guide, but all videos are suitable and engaging for all ages.