Meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks

Our programmes help your school align with the government’s new careers provision strategy and prepare your students for successful futures.

In December 2017 the government announced a new Careers Strategy, detailing a set of requirements (known as the Gatsby Benchmarks) for secondary schools to deliver high quality careers support for young people.

With our near 30-year track record of partnering with leading firms to deliver world-class career support secondary schools and colleges, and we have the knowledge, expertise and connections needed to help you meet these goals.

Explore the information below to understand how our schools’ programmes align with the Gatsby Benchmarks.  All our programmes are delivered with the support of volunteers from leading businesses.


Gatsby Benchmark Gatsby Benchmark How can Tower Hamlets EBP support? Relevant Tower Hamlets EBP activities
A stable careers programme Our programmes and events are designed to be part of a larger programme of embedded career education and guidance. All our activities are evaluated against the NPC’s ‘Journey to Employment’ Framework’. We collect evaluations from pupils, teachers, employers and, when appropriate, parents. We can provide evaluation summaries after each activity. All our programmes and events support this
Learning from career and labour market information Our programmes and events are informed by the latest information about labour market opportunities. Business Mentoring; Aim2Attain; Aspiration events.
Addressing the needs of each pupil We have a range of employability, enterprise and financial skills activities suitable for each key stage / year group. Employability, Enterprise, Financial Skills and Aspiration events.
Linking curriculum learning to careers We provide access to STEM employers who can support teachers in linking the curriculum to the world of work.
Encounters with employers and employees Employers and employees are central to all of our activities and programmes, giving young people the opportunity to learn about what work is like or what it takes to be successful in the workplace. Business Mentoring; Year 7 to 13 Employability, Enterprise, Financial Skills and Aspiration events; Aim2Attain; Alumni Network; unique or special events, projects and activities.
Experiences of workplaces Many of our activities are hosted by our employer partners. Tower Hamlets EBP also provides Pre and Post 16 work experience opportunities. Business Mentoring; Aim2Attain. Alumni Network; certain Employability, Enterprise, Financial Skills and Aspiration events.
Encounters with further and higher education We provide access to universities and apprenticeship providers, as well as workshops that explore what it is like to learn in each environment. Business Mentoring; Aim2Attain; Alumni Network; Aspiration events.
Personal guidance Our activities events can provide context for Career Adviser interviews by bringing pupils into contact with employers and employees.

The Switch are happy to work with Career Leads to help identify both the gaps in their careers provision and the interventions that we can offer to meet those gaps. Please contact our Head of Innovation or call 020 7655 0300 to discuss further.

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