Skills for Success – Virtual event

Tuesday 12 March 14:10 - 14:40 Skills for Success
London Enterprise Academy
Aneurin Bevan House, 81-91 Commercial Rd, London E1 1RD,
Volunteer Spaces Available

In this fun and engaging workshop, you will support students in school as they learn about skills and the world of work. Students learn how the skills they are developing in and out of school will help them in future careers. Your support enhances student learning by providing context on the skills you use and have developed in your career. This enables students to understand the importance of skills development in the workplace.

Students will take part in a workshop delivered at their school by The Switch. As a volunteer, you will join a Zoom call and contribute to the workshop virtually. 

Your support enhances students’ employability skills by giving them real-world examples as they learn about transferable skills. This invaluable insight into the world of work prepares students for the future and develops their confidence in building their skills. 


Join a 30-minute Zoom call  

Answer set questions and take part in a virtual Q&A with the students. 

Student age: Year 8 (12 -1 3 years old) 

Briefing documents will be sent one week before the event and there will be a short briefing included in the Zoom call.  

School Student Age Date Time
London Enterprise Academy
Aneurin Bevan House, 81-91 Commercial Rd, London E1 1RD,
Aldgate East
Student Age
13 to 14
March 12, 2024
14:10 - 14:40

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