Money Matters

Thursday 07 December 14:15 - 14:50 Money Matters - Virtual Event.
Money Matters
Volunteer Spaces Available

Talk with students about a very important part of life - money.From credit cards and mortgages, to budgeting and saving you help students to develop the essential tools they need in everyday life and the world of work. 

Students will take part in a workshop delivered at their school by The Switch. As a volunteer, you will join a Zoom call and contribute to the workshop virtually. 

Your support enhances student learning by putting money management into context and giving them real-world examples. This invaluable insight into the world of work prepares students for the future and develops their confidence in managing money. 

School Student Age Date Time
Money Matters

Student Age
11 to 12
December 7, 2023
14:15 - 14:50

This event is now fully booked.