IT & Technology – Virtual Work Experience

Wednesday 03 July 14:00 - 15:00 Virtual Work Experience
Swanlea School
31 Brady Street, London, E1 5DJ
Volunteer Spaces Available

During the pandemic we took our essential work experience virtual. As a professional from a specific industry, you will listen to a group presentation and give feedback. Students will ask questions about your career journey, the industry and the world of work. Using your experience and knowledge you can share tips and provide vital guidance.    

Please note that this event is for students interested in IT and Technology, so we welcome volunteers with experience in IT, Technology and/or Media.


1 hour Zoom call

Give students the opportunity to present their group project to someone from the industry and ask all their burning questions.

There’s nothing to prepare, just be there!


Work experience is an important step on a student’s pathway to employment; our virtual event not only prepares them for the post-pandemic workplace but builds their confidence and knowledge as they meet professionals from their chosen industry.

Feeling after: Excited, your industry has a great future!

Briefing documents will be sent one week before the event and there will be a short briefing at the start of the Zoom call.

School Student Age Date Time
Swanlea School
31 Brady Street, London, E1 5DJ
Whitechapel (District/Hammersmith & City, Overground)
Student Age
16 to 17
July 3, 2024
14:00 - 15:00

This event is now fully booked.