Work Experience Hosting Explained

Work experience gives young people invaluable insights into the world of work, helping them develop important employability skills and make better-informed decisions about their future.

Through this hands-on approach they develop the attitude they need to succeed throughout their working lives, gaining insights into the expectations, roles and structures of the modern workplace.

Work experience also benefits the you, the employer – it is an opportunity for you to engage with the local community, contribute to the development of the future workforce whilst also benefitting from a young person’s perspective on your work and processes.

We work with students aged 14 – 18 (academic Years 10 to 13), and the majority of placements last one week.

The Work Experience Process

  • Contact us: Speak to a member of the team about the process or send us the completed booking form.
  • Meeting: We come to your office to discuss the tasks the student will undertake and your expectations of them. This helps us form a job description which is given to the student placed with you. We will ask some simple Health & Safety questions and take you through our Safeguarding policy.
  • Allocation: School staff inform us when they have assigned the best-suited student to you based on the job description, and we’ll let you know their details.
  • Interview: The student will contact you to introduce themselves before the placement begins and arrange an interview. This is an opportunity for you and the student to meet each other (easing some of those first day nerves!) and for the student to find their way to your workplace for the first time, as well as providing the student with all-important interview practice!
  • Placement: During the placement, students are expected to act like any other employee and should be punctual, professional and engaged throughout. We will provide you with a guide to working with young people and getting the most out of them during their placement, to ensure you both benefit from the experience.
  • Support: The Do More team are on-hand throughout the entire process, and should you encounter any issues, these will be dealt with quickly and appropriately.
  • Feedback: You will be asked to fill out feedback about the student via an online form at the end of the placement.

General Guidance

We provide hosts with extensive guidance and information to equip you to work with our young people. No other training is required.

  • Your staff do not need a Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check to be able to host a student.
  • Your workplace must have Employers’ Liability Insurance.
  • Work experience placements are not paid and you are under no obligation to cover students’ travel and food costs.

If you have any questions please contact our Secondary Team or call 020 7655 0300.


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