Case Studies – Customised Programmes

Explore how we have worked with various partners to create and deliver tailor-made programmes that meet the specific needs of both young people and corporate social responsibility objectives

Barclays SkillsShare Workshop

Developing employability skills and career path insights

We were approached by the Business Development and Corporate Strategy team within Barclays to design and deliver a student workshop around their expertise.

The challenge

The team wanted to share their knowledge and skills with local students and to inspire them to consider a career in Mergers and Acquisitions.

Our response

The interactive and engaging workshop included an introduction to Barclays, followed by a simulation activity where students, supported by employee volunteers, had to research companies to acquire and conduct a Risks and Rewards analysis before presenting their recommendations.

Through this programme, students were able to:

  • Develop employability skills including: teamwork, communication, presentation and critical analysis.
  • Increase their understanding of business terminology and processes.
  • Increase their knowledge of exposure to career paths in Barclays, specifically in the specialist field of M&A.

Lloyd's Community Programme Abacus (Financial Literacy)

Money management skills in primary schools

The challenge

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Financial Education for Young People calls for teaching in real-life contexts and that – we also need to start younger and recognise the role that primary schools can, and should, play in familiarising children with money concepts in an age appropriate manner.

Research shows that:

  • Money habits are generally formed by age 7 yet only 4 in 10 children have learned about money management at school. Parents and the family environment are the most powerful influence on a young person’s financial behaviour, but we know that many parents lack confidence in communicating with their children around money
  • 28% worry about their children asking them questions about money that they themselves can’t answer. Two fifths of parents (41%) admit they don’t talk about money management with their children.

Our response

We worked in collaboration with Quaker Social Action (QSA) to develop Abacus – a family financial literacy project engaging children and their parents in Tower Hamlets.

In a series of 5 workshops, Year 5 children and a proportion of parents concurrently explore the practical and emotional aspects of managing money, learn about financial products and concepts (including insurance) and engaging with the world of work.

Chubb Careers Insight Week

Insights for the future workforce about career pathways in the insurance industry, including work experience placements.

The challenge

A longstanding volunteer with The Switch contacted us to help her establish a Career Insight Week at her employer, Chubb.

Our response

We worked closely with her to design the programme, designed and facilitated workshops and liaised with schools to secure interest and attendance. Activities included:

  • An Insight Morning where students learned about the career path options and the skills they need to work in the insurance industry by listening to inspirational employees
  • Four lucky students were selected to undertake work experience placements to explore a variety of Chubb departments such as marketing, operations, HR and finance supported by Chubb employees.

“I’d just like to personally thank you for organising this insight week. It was truly an amazing experience for me to gain a further understanding of the insurance industry and helping me rethink about my career path as now I may be chasing a career in claims as that interested me a lot.” Student participant

“Chubb were delighted to partner with The Switch for this hugely valuable and important work experience scheme”. Andrew Kendrick, the Regional President (Europe), Chubb

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