Where We Work

We work principally in Tower Hamlets, we also work with some business partners in their regional centres, including Wales, Bournemouth and Kent. We are proactively exploring ways to bring our programmes to new areas, so that more and more young people can benefit from our experience and expertise.

Despite the wealth and employment opportunities in Canary Wharf and the neighbouring City of London, deprivation is widespread in Tower Hamlets.

The Borough is one of the most deprived communities in the country and the most deprived of all London’s Boroughs.

There is entrenched inter-generational unemployment coupled with poverty of experience and aspirations for Tower Hamlets’ school children.

Our programmes are the catalyst in changing this damaging cycle of deprivation in this borough and elsewhere in the country.

Having worked with one of the most diverse and disadvantaged communities in the UK over this long period, we understand the social and cultural challenges of changing attitudes to education and work. We put this experience and expertise to good use in our home borough of Tower Hamlets as well as other areas where we, and our corporate partners and other funders can see an unmet need.

We are well connected and highly regarded in the Corporate Social Responsibility and employability sector, being active members of numerous national and local partnerships, networks and school governing bodies.

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