Partner Schemes

Strong literacy and numeracy skills are important for the future academic and professional success of a young person.

Our Reading Partner and Number Partner programmes are designed for primary school students and aim to:

  • Develop and inspire an enjoyment of reading and maths
  • Improve reading comprehension, speaking and listening skills
  • Improve numeracy skills and understanding of maths in a fun and interactive way
  • Provide role models from the world of work.

How Our Partner Programmes Work

Each primary school is paired with a company which recruits a group of volunteers to visit the school each week for 30-minute lunch time sessions.

Volunteers are partnered with particular pupils to support them with their reading or maths and encouraged to have conversations around the books they read or maths games they play to develop rapport and build confidence.

We ask volunteers to commit to one full term (approximately 10 weeks) but most volunteers choose to stay for the whole academic year.​

Students are selected by their teachers because they may lack confidence in their own abilities, require motivation, or would benefit from one to one support from an interested adult.


We provide training sessions for new volunteers which includes information on the background and practicalities of the scheme, as well guidance on strategies to use during Reading and Number Partner sessions and an opportunity to ask any questions.

This training is arranged through the company co-ordinator and takes place at the company offices.

The training sessions are 1 hour and 30 minutes long and also cover good practice and child safeguarding guidance.  All new volunteers are required to undertake training before starting their volunteering.


Some of the benefits of our Partner Schemes: 

For Students:

  • Provides one to one reading and maths support
  • Develops communication skills
  • Offers a positive role model and insight into the world of work

For Volunteers:

  • Opportunity to do something positive and worthwhile during lunchtime
  • Contributes to the lives of young people
  • Experience of working with young people

For Employers:

  • Raises motivation and morale amongst employees
  • Opportunity to gain teamwork experience
  • Improves time management and communication skills

How To Volunteer

We welcome teams of volunteers (a minimum of 6 people) from companies.

Volunteers will need to commit to one full term (approximately 10 weeks).

Most volunteers choose to stay for the whole academic year. Training is provided.

All mentors must complete an online child protection check via the Disclosure & Barring Service prior to starting the scheme. Full guidance will be provided.

Do get in touch to discuss this further by contacting our Primary Schools Team.

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