Future Skills

For pre and post-16 students, understanding the choices open to them and the core skills needed to succeed is crucial in helping them choose the right paths.

Future Skills (previously Aim2Attain) helps low/medium confidence students to develop their skills and raise their aspirations, through close collaboration with volunteers from the world of work.

Established in 2011 with the support of Lloyd’s of London, Future Skills forges strong links in the community through the pairing of businesses with schools.

How It Works

Delivered as a series of interactive and informative workshops hosted and supported by business volunteers, Future Skills seeks to:

  • Help students who have the ability to go to university or join school leaver/higher apprenticeship schemes realise and achieve their potential, particularly for those who face social, cultural and/or economic barriers.
  • Encourage Tower Hamlets students to achieve the best they can.
  • Develop skills that correlate with higher achievement.
  • Expose young people to environments and people in order to build their confidence and knowledge as future applicants to university/higher apprenticeships and other school leaver opportunities.
  • Provide information and advice on qualifications and careers, including references to useful websites and social networking sites in order to enable young people to make informed choices.
  • Encourage more Tower Hamlets students to consider taking up opportunities outside London.

What It Covers

Yr8 workshops:

  • First Impressions and Networking
  • Career Journeys and Skills
  • Personal development away day
  • Year 8 and Beyond

Yr12 workshops:

  • Speed Networking and Future Careers
  • Apprenticeships vs. University
  • Skills Development
  • University open day


Some of the benefits of Future Skills:

  • It helps students who have the ability to go to university or start an apprenticeship realise and achieve their potential.
  • It aids the development of skills that correlate with higher achievement (e.g. independent research, revision techniques, selecting critical GCSEs)
  • It exposes young people to new environments and people, building their confidence.

How To Volunteer

Currently, Future Skills is supported by volunteers from companies who are partnered with particular schools. For this reason Future Skills is not open to individual volunteers.

If you are interested in finding out more about Future Skills, or would like to set up a partnership between your company/organisation and a school, please contact us.

To find out more about this programme please contact our Secondary School Team.

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