Options and Careers

At The Switch, we know that making decisions at an early age can be daunting and confusing, so our Options & Careers Workshop is here to help students make smart choices about their future. In our workshop, students explore different career pathways, how to make smart GCSE choices and what steps they can take after they finish Y11 including apprenticeships, A-levels and T-levels.

This can be hosted in school or at your workplace.


Help students make informed decisions about their future by sharing your experiences and career journey. This workshop explores different pathways after school and how students can make smart choices for the future.

The workshops are run by The Switch facilitators so all you need to do is join in and support the students in their activities! This is an in-person event.

Volunteer in person – interact with students and speak with them directly as they ask questions about your career journey.
Full day event - make the most of your volunteering by spending a full day with young people.
Empower young people - interact with students and talk about your career path inspires their own career.

How to volunteer

We welcome teams of volunteers as well as individuals from our partners.

Our online booking portal makes it easy to choose the event, date, format and location to suit you.

No prior training is required. As this is a one-off activity volunteers do not need to undergo a Disclosure & Barring Service check.

If you are interested in volunteering spaces for a team or would like to arrange a bespoke event for your company, please contact volunteer@theswitch.org.

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